What is gatelywire.com?

By Jack Gately

gatelywire.com is a micro site dedicated to covering, curating and sharing content from the 2013 Massachusetts special election for US Senate.

Sharing is a great way to support your candidate, so gatelywire.com is loaded with ways to share your favorite content.

Give till it hurts?  Share till it hurts.

The left side of the site is powered by RebelMouse.  RebelMouse helps curate top content.  Content is placed here no matter its source, the only factors are relevance and importance.

Content like candidate YouTube uploads will appear automatically, but the vast majority of content is hand selected.

Consequently, the RebelMouse portion changes quickly throughout the day.  No longer do you need to wait for an email in the morning to give you all the important special election news.

Check back frequently, politics moves faster than a daily paper.

The left column is my take on the race, a traditional blog.  For the record, I am not now, nor have I ever worked or worked against (paid or volunteer) any of the five candidates.  Nor am I working now on behalf of, or consulting with, any organization or individual relative to this project.

Happy campaigning and remember, sharing is caring.