The problem with @mikesullivanma #masen #mapoli

Mike Sullivan, like most of us, loves the sound of his own voice. But being a good candidate, not even a great candidate, requires the skill to know when to answer a question and when to pivot.

Take his WGBH radio hit today.

Should Judge Stearns be dismissed from the Whitey Bulger case?

Did US Attorney Ortiz persecute Aaron Swartz?

And then this one, oye!

Does Sullivan lack the discipline or is he just plain out of practice? Not every media inquiry need be an academic exploration.

He’s not running for state Attorney General or is he?

Note to Mike: Stop talking already, pivot the questions back to your core issues. What are they again? I’m not even sure, because you NEVER pivot back.

Sullivan should try this technique:

REPORTER: Should Judge Stearns be on the Whitey Bulger case?

SULLIVAN: Well there was a time when I’d be very interested in that, but I’m running for US Senate, not US Attorney, I want to focus on creating jobs in our Commonwealth.

So easy. Adam Reilly disagreed with me today that Sullivan should respond to these questions. Reilly is correct from a governing perspective, but from a political angle Sullivan is digging his own grave.