The @edmarkey and @lynchforsenate Fact Check Wars #mapoli #masen

Aside from the standard “my guy is right, your guy is wrong” tweets both the Markey and Lynch camps took additional steps to fact check the other prior to and during the debate last night.

Markey made the most impressive effort with separate “fact check” releases on issues ranging from economy, the VA, healthcare and the Keystone Pipeline. It was almost as if they divided their entire debate prep book into nine separate press releases. Some of the posts were so detailed, it could make opposition research all the more easier. Maybe too detailed, as it appears the Markey camp deleted most of those posts by this morning.

Markey private

@AndrewZucker is the @EdMarkey campaign press secretary.

The drop angered some reporters and Markey tweeps shot back:

Meanwhile, Conor Yunits of the Lynch camp launched a special twitter account @MASENFactCheck which also had some reporters questioning it.

The neither the bio of @MASENFactCheck or the 28 tweet timeline makes mention of the Lynch campaign connection: “Follow for #masen fact checks on all candidates in the 2013 Special Senate Primary & General Election” A voter reading just the timeline or bio of @MASENFactCheck would have no way of knowing the information was coming from the Lynch camp.

@ajjaffe of the @thehil asked this question:

@AndrewZucker of the Markey camp objected: