gatelywire to return to #masen full coverage 6/11 #mapoli

Well, well, we are down to the home stretch and yes gatelywire will be returning to daily coverage of #masen special on Tuesday June 11th.

Until then, I’ll drop in with updates as needed.

Thanks to so many of you who have expressed interest in the return of gatelywire!  I would have returned earlier but while politics is a passion, work in the dreaded private sector pays the bills.


Thank you for following during the primary

Thank you all for following during the 2013 #masen primary.

We had an exciting five way contest resulting with two clear winners: Mr. Markey and Mr. Gomez.

As the general election nears in late June, I will most likely resume active blogging on the race.  Until then, many thanks to Michael Graham for promoting this micro blog via his radio show.

Happy campaigning!




Highlights of @gomezforma victory speech #masen #mapoli

“Gracias a todos por estar aqui conmigo esta noche.


First, let me take you back in time for a moment….

The year was 1976. 37 years ago. Gerald Ford was President. The internet did not yet exist.

8 track players were big. Boston’s first album had just come out. The first Rocky movie debuted in theaters.

The median price of new homes was 44 thousand dollars. Our national debt, which today is over 16 Trillion, was not even 1 Trillion. Al Gore had not yet invented the internet.

It was a lifetime ago… I was playing little league baseball. …it was when Ed Markey first got elected to Congress.


Let me close with this.

My parents emigrated from Colombia, the year before I was born. They came in hot pursuit of freedom and the American Dream, and they caught it.

I was raised in a typical middle class family in a small town. My folks told me that in America, you can do what you put your mind to.

I have been tremendously blessed. From a kid who didn’t know English until he went to school, I’ve earned everything in my life: From earning my Navy Pilot Wings, to earning my Navy SEAL trident, to earning my way to Harvard Business School and earning a successful career in the private sector.


I will approach this job with a military man’s discipline, a father’s sensitivity and a businessman’s experience.

I look forward to meeting you on the trail, I will earn each vote and I will always fight for you.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.

Muchas Gracias a todos y que dios vaya contigo.”

@edmarkey comes out swinging against @gomezforma #masen #mapoli

Less than a hour after news outlets had declared Markey and Gomez  the winners of tonight’s primary, the Markey campaign issued a blistering statement outlining their attack against the GOP nominee.

“Gabriel Gomez is a pro-life Republican who was the spokesman for a Super PAC that attacked President Obama over the killing of Osama bin Laden,” said Markey campaign spokesman Andrew Zucker. “He opposes an assault weapons ban, supports devastating cuts to Social Security, and while he’s running as a ‘businessman,’ he refuses to discuss the 16 years he spent in private equity. A vote for Gabriel Gomez is one more Republican vote against sensible gun laws, Social Security and a woman’s right to choose.


‘Til Tuesday: Hush keep it down now, voices carry #masen #mapoli @danwinlsow @alcivar @robeno

As the closing days of the primary are upon us, this testy exchange from candidate @danwinslow and Gomez aide @alcivar.

@danwinslow #Jihad is a cancer to be “eradicated” #masen #mapoli


Yesterday Winslow took a shot a VP Joe Biden for calling the Marathon bombers “knock-off Jihadists” and he wants the Anti-Sedition Laws used against Jihad in the U.S.

“These weren’t knock-off Jihadist, these were real: this is the face of Jihad in the United States and this is a continuing threat.”

“Jihad is sedition and from now on we ought to treat with the same seriousness that we would treat a threat to the President,” said Winslow. “Even a threat to the President made in jest, will immediately result in a law enforcement response, and we need to treat threats made against the people with the same seriousness of purpose as threats made to the President.”

“Jihad is the language of hate and violence. It is a cancer that has radicalized these bombers and others and must be eradicated. We should treat Jihadist statements as acts of sedition and investigate and prosecute such conduct to protect Americans from further attack.”