Monday morning #masen briefing #mapoli

The postponed Markey-Lynch Springfield debate will be Tuesday night at 7PM.

A few days ago the Globe endorsed Markey and Winslow today.

This morning Weld endorsed Gomez.

Xpenditure Pipeline. The Fire Fighters spent over $2538 just to fuel the big yellow Lynch bus and thousands on “Motor Coach Rental & Wrapping”. Look up all your obscure independent expenditures here.

Fire Fighter Bus

Klassy with a K. Sullivan sent out a mailer featuring The Letter from Gomez, but the direct mail piece did not obscure the names of the Gomez children, his phone number or his gmail address.

Faux Fail? Maybe he doesn’t need to buy TV time? Mike Sullivan, who wants to revoke citizenship of Dzhokhar Tsamaev, has been getting tons of face time on Fox News but, Fox fails to mention he is a candidate for US Senate.

Very small sample sizes, high sampling error percentage, proceed with caution from Western New England University Polling Institute.

Likely Democratic Primary voters, Sample size 270, +/-6%
Markey 44%
Lynch 34%
Undecided: 21%

Republican Primary, Sample size 128, +/-9%
Gomez 33%
Sullivan 27%
Winslow 9%
Undecided 30%

Ten minutes before the bombing, the Winslow camp sent a press advisory announcing the launch of a micro site called The Winslow camp took the site down within minutes and eventually replaced it with information on where to donate blood in “support of the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions” but not before we got a screen shot.

Gomezisrunning final

The basics of the FEC numbers due on April 18th, books closed April 10th. Don’t forget none this includes independent expenditures.

Money Bags Markey
Starting balance:$3,050,589
Raised: $4,759,928
Spent: $3,171,645
Cash on hand: $4,638,872

Lynch Bucket
Starting balance:$743,620
Raised: $1,543,919
Spent: $1,767,444
Cash on hand: $514,271

Winslow Who?
Starting balance:$0
Raised: $244,499
Candidate loans: $150,050
Spent: $252,306
Cash on hand: $142,243

Spare Change Sullivan?
Starting balance:$0
Raised: $174,498
Spent: $78,128
Cash on hand: $96,369

Gomez, my FEC data doesn’t populate, so @dbernstein is reporting for me???