@lynchforsenate critical of @edmarkey on fishing regulations #masen #mapoli

Stephen Lynch was critical of opponent Ed Markey’s testimony yesterday in which Markey defended catch limits that curtail the total amount of fish allowed to be taken in the commercial fishing industry.

“The commercial fishing industry is the life blood of communities across Cape Ann and the South Coast,” Lynch said, “From Gloucester to New Bedford, small businesses and families that have relied on this industry for generations are being crushed under the weight of overregulation and questionable stock estimates that benefit major corporate interests at the expense of the little guy.”

Lynch questioned Markey’s comments that blamed Republicans for the woes in the fishing industry.

“This exemplifies the problem we have in Washington right now,” Lynch said. “The left demonizes the right, the right demonizes the left, and petty politics trump action. The fishing families in Massachusetts don’t just have a problem with Republicans; they have a problem with NOAA and the New England Fishery Management Council.”

The Lynch-Markey spat is the latest in long term conflict that pitches working families against conservationists over issue of how much fish should be caught in order to maintain a renewable resource.

Last week Markey came out in favor of stricter fish labeling.

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