@gomezforma new radio ad “Oportunidades” #masen #mapoli

Translation provided by Gomez camp:

If you work hard and study hard, this country will give you all the opportunities you want.

That’s what my parents would tell me as a child.

And that’s what I tell my four children now.

But the situation in this country worries me. I worry that our children will not have the opportunities this country gave me.

Hello, I am Gabriel Gomez, son of Colombian parents and candidate for Senate.

I am speaking to you today to ask you to vote for me on June 25.

To give thanks to this country, I served in the military as a pilot in the Navy and later as a Navy SEAL.

Now, I want to serve the families of Massachusetts.

I’m going to Washington to fight for policies that create more jobs, and for a solution to our immigration system that will welcome others like us who want to achieve the American dream.

 I am Gabriel Gomez, candidate for the Senate, I hope to get your vote on June 25 and I approve this message.