Excerpts from @mikesullivanma announcement speech Saturday

Mike Sullivan declared for the US Senate on Saturday at the Abington VFW, here are excerpts from his announcement speech:

“During my career, I’ve been privileged to serve as a prosecutor. It’s good training for a political campaign. It’s given me the chance to deal with citizens at their best – when the stakes are high, when they feel the weight of an important choice….

Our justice system depends on the good judgment and instincts of ordinary people. And so, in the end, does our political system. The men and women of Massachusetts know a lot is riding on this special election. They don’t appreciate their votes being taken for granted by the same old candidates or by new ones. They expect…serious ideas and straightforward talk – with facts instead of just more rhetoric….

So often today, we’re offered a choice between the ‘culture wars’ of one party and the ‘class warfare’ of the other. And where does it get us, as a country?

While our Senate does little, America is looking at the prospect of a debt crisis. And yet all that many can talk about is more federal spending, more borrowing, more debt that they will leave for others to pay….They offer billion-dollar solutions when we’re dealing with trillion-dollar problems….

The WWII generation did not achieve so much for this country, only to have it all squandered by politicians who won’t face up to the clear duties of our time. Compared to what others before us have faced, the problems of today are totally within our power to solve and put behind us….

The federal tax code is a standing invitation to manipulation, favor-seeking, and abuse of every kind…I will advocate its complete reform….

Reform is needed in other centers of power and privelege…we’ve seen massive transfers of wealth from the people of this country to the banks and corporations of Wall Street. Firms are said to be ‘too big to fail’ have been artificially inflated…speculators have benefited…

I’m a believer in the good that government can do – because I’ve seen that for myself, too. As Plymouth County District Attorney, I saw government doing the most vital work therer is, which is to protect the innocent. When children were endangered or abused, the state moved in to punish the offenders. When women were victims of brutality, we came to their defense and brought the violent to justice…”