Is @gomezforma finding his stride? #masen #mapoli

The Gomez camp pumped up their campaign manager Jill E. Neunaber @jneunaber on twitter Friday. According to her twitter bio she is “Mid-Western Born, Southern Raised, New Englander by Choice.”

And Kevin O’Shea, the South Shore, Cape and Islands field director emailed supporters seeking town coordinators and lawn sign distribution.

There was also news that Gomez himself plans to run the Boston Marathon on April 15th. A smart media hit two weeks out from the primary.

Gomez has not yet however opened a campaign HQ to the public.

He also sat down with @kelleratlarge.

AUDIO: @lynchforsenate had a good day, but @edmarkey still the one to beat #masen #mapoli

@danwinslow tax loophole plan: “I’m going beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said” #masen #mapoli

If you were looking for a new kind of Republican look no further than Dan Winslow. In his quest for the GOP nod in the US Senate race Winslow has proven to be an out of the box thinker, but is he also outside the bounds of the GOP?

Tuesday he told to Janet Wu that Republicans can’t “continue to send basically gifts to the democrats in the form of culture wars, for general elections, then the democrats will continue to beat us and we’ll deserve to lose.”

Wednesday, he told Alison King of NECN: “If you like the Republican Party’s national brand that’s lost five of the last six elections in the popular vote, vote for my opponents.”

“I’m going beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said in terms of tax loopholes. Unless there is some measurable benefit for all Americans, I’m against it. Because that means it is just a special interest fat cat loophole.”

Winslow in his statement: “If elected to the United States Senate I will close the loopholes, simplify the tax code, and reduce the marginal tax rate on all businesses. We need to cut the pork out of the federal tax code.”

Loopholes. Some Republicans reject that language outright, as it seems to imply that the default state of property and income is to be taxed.

Others do not, as Winslow points out, the Republican National Committee’s Growth Opportunity Report released Monday states: “We have to blow the whistle at corporate malfeasance and attack corporate welfare. We should speak out when a company liquidates itself and its executives receive bonuses but rank-and-file workers are left unemployed. We should speak out when CEOs receive tens of millions of dollars in retirement packages but middle-class workers have not had a meaningful raise in years.”

Winslow would like the following “corporate welfare tax subsidies that do not benefit all Americans” reviewed:

-$7 billion a year in tax subsidies to oil and gas companies
-$300 million a year in corporate jet tax write offs
-Billions each year in tax subsidies for what started as farming tax breaks but is now being cross applied to art collectors, rental truck fleets, and thoroughbred racehorses
-$12.2 billion in wind-farm tax credits
-$430 million dollar tax break for Hollywood films made within the US
-$331 million in railroad tax credits
-$120 million dollar tax credit to Whirlpool to produce energy efficient appliances (after $1.2 million was spent on lobbying in 2011/2012)
-$80 million in subsidies to the owners of NASCAR racetracks
-$50 million for golf course owners

And other provivisions of his plan:

Reduce the marginal tax rate on all businesses from 35% to 26% to start, which is recommended by the Simpson Bowles Commission
-Simplify the tax code so that small businesses can save money on the process of filing.
-Mandate that all future tax subsidies added to the code be treated like spending earmarks and would require a member to sponsor them and attach their name to the proposed tax code changes.
-Immediate deposit by the IRS of tax payments from individuals and business.

@danwinslow quote to Janet Wu on WCVB #masen #mapoli

“If we continue to send basically gifts to the democrats in the form of culture wars, for general elections, then the democrats will continue to beat us and we’ll deserve to lose,” said Winslow in an interview with WCVB TV. “In Massachusetts, a social conservative can not win in June. People can make a point in a primary, but they can’t win in June.”

WCVB does not allow embed of video.

Source: WCVB

#GOP #masen candidates dodge, equivocate on #Iraq #War #mapoli

Reading from the statements of all five Massachusetts candidates yesterday regarding the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War you’d be hard pressed to find an outward declaration of support for the war.

Both Markey and Lynch voted in favor of the Iraq War Resolution, even though the Democratic caucus voted against the resolution 81-126 and given the past ten years it would be hard to believe they (especially Markey) would make the same choice again. How progressives square their support for Markey on this count, I’ll never understand.

What about the Republicans?

Each issued statements on the war today and each purposely avoided a direct question posed by email: would you have voted for or against the Authorization of Military Force in Iraq.

Gomez, the former Navy Seal, offered a simple brief statement “honoring the sacrifice of the 62 who gave their lives from Massachusetts”. His campaign declined further comment. Less is more, as all candidates attempted to avoid politicization of the issue on the anniversary.

Winslow issued a decidedly hawkish comment: “There is no doubt that the world is a better and safer place with the end of this dangerous dictator who was an exporter of terrorism.” Not hard to conclude where he stands or would have stood, even though he still dodged the question. The Republican caucus went 215-6 in favor of the resolution.

But it was the Sullivan statement that strikes me as an equivocation: “Sullivan supported the goal of helping to build a free Iraq”.

He supported? As in in the past tense? What is his position now? Does he believe the the Iraq War a mistake?”

So I asked Sullivan spokesperson Lisa Barstow to clarify: “The statement speaks for itself. Not saying he would have voted for it, not saying he would have voted against it”. So why issue a statement that touches at all on your prior position? Why not go all Gomez and say very little?

I can’t true that up with the official comment, “Sullivan supported the goal”, that statement carries the very implication that Sullivan would have voted yes in 2002, but now thinks differently.

At least three times now, Sullivan has shifted when pressed on big issues.

The first instance came as a result of the Walsh ambush on same sex marriage, the second came last week on abortion (covered well by Adam Reilly) and now the Iraq War.

That is a disturbing trend to see in any candidate.


The full candidate statements.

“The country owes the deepest debt of gratitude to the courageous servicemen and women who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom to protect our liberty. What we should be doing today is honoring the sacrifice of the 62 who gave their lives from Massachusetts in this conflict. It is now our responsibility to ensure that our returning veterans have the job opportunities, training and treatment they deserve.”

Mike Sullivan supported the goal of helping to build a free Iraq that would respect the human rights of its people and create a more peaceful and secure Middle East — benefiting not only that region but the world.

The cost to America has been significant and personal — 4,600 American lives and many more wounded warriors who deserve our ongoing support. And an American taxpayer investment approaching $1 trillion to build a new, more stable region, which serves to honor the sacrifice of our men and women for generations to come.

Mike takes war and the sacrifice of our servicemen and women very seriously. Mike has traveled to Baghdad and witnessed first-hand the faces of our nation’s patriots. His daughter Kelly presently serves in the Army National Guard and his father and father-in-law both have served. Mike and his wife understand the gravity of the sacrifice of not only the men and women in uniform but also their families.

Even during challenging economic times, Mike is committed to ensuring our military men and women have the right training, equipment and support to execute their dangerous missions successfully, and as safely and quickly as possible so they can return home to their loved ones.

Today’s explosion killing seven Marines in a training operation further underscores the dangers and heroism our men and women in uniform undertake to keep America secure. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families on this sad and consequential day.

“Every man and woman who served our Nation in Iraq, especially those who lost their lives or who were injured, deserves our eternal admiration and appreciation. They ended the reign of Saddam Hussein who was a destabilizing presence in the Middle East. There is no doubt that the world is a better and safer place with the end of this dangerous dictator who was an exporter of terrorism and who no longer controls one of the most important countries in that region.”

The problem with @mikesullivanma #masen #mapoli

Mike Sullivan, like most of us, loves the sound of his own voice. But being a good candidate, not even a great candidate, requires the skill to know when to answer a question and when to pivot.

Take his WGBH radio hit today.

Should Judge Stearns be dismissed from the Whitey Bulger case?

Did US Attorney Ortiz persecute Aaron Swartz?

And then this one, oye!

Does Sullivan lack the discipline or is he just plain out of practice? Not every media inquiry need be an academic exploration.

He’s not running for state Attorney General or is he?

Note to Mike: Stop talking already, pivot the questions back to your core issues. What are they again? I’m not even sure, because you NEVER pivot back.

Sullivan should try this technique:

REPORTER: Should Judge Stearns be on the Whitey Bulger case?

SULLIVAN: Well there was a time when I’d be very interested in that, but I’m running for US Senate, not US Attorney, I want to focus on creating jobs in our Commonwealth.

So easy. Adam Reilly disagreed with me today that Sullivan should respond to these questions. Reilly is correct from a governing perspective, but from a political angle Sullivan is digging his own grave.

Excerpts from @mikesullivanma announcement speech Saturday

Mike Sullivan declared for the US Senate on Saturday at the Abington VFW, here are excerpts from his announcement speech:

“During my career, I’ve been privileged to serve as a prosecutor. It’s good training for a political campaign. It’s given me the chance to deal with citizens at their best – when the stakes are high, when they feel the weight of an important choice….

Our justice system depends on the good judgment and instincts of ordinary people. And so, in the end, does our political system. The men and women of Massachusetts know a lot is riding on this special election. They don’t appreciate their votes being taken for granted by the same old candidates or by new ones. They expect…serious ideas and straightforward talk – with facts instead of just more rhetoric….

So often today, we’re offered a choice between the ‘culture wars’ of one party and the ‘class warfare’ of the other. And where does it get us, as a country?

While our Senate does little, America is looking at the prospect of a debt crisis. And yet all that many can talk about is more federal spending, more borrowing, more debt that they will leave for others to pay….They offer billion-dollar solutions when we’re dealing with trillion-dollar problems….

The WWII generation did not achieve so much for this country, only to have it all squandered by politicians who won’t face up to the clear duties of our time. Compared to what others before us have faced, the problems of today are totally within our power to solve and put behind us….

The federal tax code is a standing invitation to manipulation, favor-seeking, and abuse of every kind…I will advocate its complete reform….

Reform is needed in other centers of power and privelege…we’ve seen massive transfers of wealth from the people of this country to the banks and corporations of Wall Street. Firms are said to be ‘too big to fail’ have been artificially inflated…speculators have benefited…

I’m a believer in the good that government can do – because I’ve seen that for myself, too. As Plymouth County District Attorney, I saw government doing the most vital work therer is, which is to protect the innocent. When children were endangered or abused, the state moved in to punish the offenders. When women were victims of brutality, we came to their defense and brought the violent to justice…”