bostondotcom writer @SaraMorrison defines @MBTA service levels better than anyone

Nature abhors a vacuum. Right now, @saramorrison a senior writer at, has filled that vacuum with two pithy back of the napkin modified MBTA maps.

Define thyself, or be defined by others.

GM Bev Scott has made few public statements since quitting last Wednesday – she’s on the job till April 11th. Late today she made news via a conference call and stated that it might take up to 30 days to get the system back up and running.

MBTA: “non-union members need not apply”

Update: T also using inmates.

If there was ever a metaphor for what is wrong with the T, this is it.

The MBTA is looking for union members only to shovel out the Red Line from Braintree to JFK.

The irony is Onion-like.

Universal Hub:

“Updated: Not just anybody can show up to shovel out the Red Line.

The MBTA is working with local unions to get lots of people working to shovel out the Braintree branch of the Red Line tomorrow.

The T contact the Boston Building Trades and the SEIU.”