In new tv ad @edmarkey asking to be judged by the enemies he makes #masen #mapoli

In his first TV ad of the race @edmarkey sets his target on guns in society by pulling in Charlton Heston, China and Newtown CT all in a stunner of a spot. Its not the typical first out of the gate bio spot you’d expect, instead Markey seems to be channeling the famous FDR quote: “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”

New @gomezforma video: American Dream #masen #mapoli


Yes, that is @dbernstein attempting to hog the limelight with the candidate.

@gomezforma out tonight with new bio spot telling his story in his own words, ends with line: “I’ve never been in politics and I’m running for the United States Senate.”

Winslow, Lynch and Markey released videos earlier today.

The Lynch video was made as part the of send in your own endorsement feature on his website.

#masen Tweet of the Day by @kgilnack


So apparently @kgilnack Lynch can and has done this outside of South Boston.

#masen Tweet of the Day by @kgilnack

In response to this:

Staffer from Markey camp also added:

With a schedule like this does @lynchforsenate need to borrow @danwinslow Chevy Volt?

You know its a special election when you’ve got a schedule like this on a Monday in March.

Lynch’s Monday schedule, assume he starts in South Boston:

Fall River – two stops

Update: Lynch camp noted the Worcester County stops were conducted by the wife of the candidate.

@lynchforsenate will debate at #WCVB but won’t make an ad buy at the station? #masen #mapoli

“Lynch and Markey agree to 1st live TV debate March 27 at 7pm at Channel 5 studios. #masen”

— Michael Levenson (@mlevenson) March 7, 2013

So fact check me: Lynch will debate at WCVB but won’t make an ad buy at the station?

Yes, that is true, according to the letter Lynch sent to WCVB this morning, which I admit I didn’t read until now.

If the contract dispute is as Lynch stated a “similar issue [as] arose during my first campaign for Congress in 2001, when I was forced to skip a debate at Fox 25 because I refused to cross a picket line.”

Then how can Lynch, who equates the no contract situation as a “picket line” cross that same picket line and attend the debate?

Dueling messages on jobs

Stephen Lynch came out with a clever strategy to yank Ed Markey out of his Rose Garden and get him front of live pitching to answer Lynch’s move to refrain from advertising on WCVB due to a labor contract dispute.

Lynch campaign will refrain from advertising on WCVB… #masen

— Stephen F. Lynch (@lynchforsenate) March 8, 2013

Will it work? No word yet on Markey’s stance on a WCVB ad buy.

Lynch spokesguy @conoryunits tells me the IBEW asked both campaigns to boycott WCVB–so maybe my “Hail Mary” take was premature. #masen

— Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) March 8, 2013

Not questioning @repstephenlynch’s commitment to unions, but the WCVB boycott feels a bit like a #masen Hail Mary. #mapoli

— Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) March 8, 2013

Not to be out done, the Massachusetts GOP is also out today calling both Markey and Lynch as anti-job. In a press release on the medical device tax GOP honcho Kirsten Hughes said the Congressmen were in a fight for title of ‘Best Job Killer’.

From the statement:

“While Markey and Lynch fight over who makes the better foot soldier for the D.C. Party bosses, the people of Massachusetts deserve to know that both of them voted for job-killing tax increases in an industry important to the future of Massachusetts. There are residents of this state who literally lost their jobs because of the votes taken by Markey and Lynch. Now that’s an issue I’d like to hear them discuss,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP Chairman.

Herald’s High Noon with Howie Carr and @joebattenfeld

Howie and Joe take on #mapoli and #masen discuss recent poll numbers, no show state officials other inside baseball.

This is the best regularly scheduled video web chat on Massachusetts politics so far and hints at future ways newspaper can become multi-media outlets.

I’d embed it here, but the embed is programmed for auto play, not site visitor friendly!