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Absentee ballot requests down 21% compared to 2010 #masen special #mapoli

Secretary of State Bill Galvin announced today that requests for absentee ballots are down 21% (49,748 down from 63,610) from this time in 2010 before the Scott Brown, Martha Coakley and least we forget Joseph L. Kennedy race.

The 2010 race broke this way.

Brown: 1,168,178 51.8%
Coakley: 1,060,861 47.1%
Kennedy: 22,388 1%
Others and blanks: 2,300
Total less blanks: 2,251,427 (used to calculated vote percentages)
Total votes cast: 2,253,727

If we extrapolate Galvin’s dip in absentee requests to the total voter turnout we see 473,282 fewer voters in the 2013 special for a total voter turnout of 1,780,445.

The 2013 Warren v. Brown race drew 3,184,196.

Galvin said: “With many people focused on the Bruins playing in the Stanley Cup final, the (Whitey) Bulger trial, and the end of the school year, the special election has a lot of competition for attention.”

The biggest of these factors could be the “end of the school year, anyone with children is crazy busy with field days, fields trips, graduations and volunteer appreciation luncheons. Will that keep Obama soccer moms home or suburban Escalades from the voting booth? You tell me.

Hey and don’t forget this great weather were having too!

gatelywire to return to #masen full coverage 6/11 #mapoli

Well, well, we are down to the home stretch and yes gatelywire will be returning to daily coverage of #masen special on Tuesday June 11th.

Until then, I’ll drop in with updates as needed.

Thanks to so many of you who have expressed interest in the return of gatelywire!  I would have returned earlier but while politics is a passion, work in the dreaded private sector pays the bills.


Thank you for following during the primary

Thank you all for following during the 2013 #masen primary.

We had an exciting five way contest resulting with two clear winners: Mr. Markey and Mr. Gomez.

As the general election nears in late June, I will most likely resume active blogging on the race.  Until then, many thanks to Michael Graham for promoting this micro blog via his radio show.

Happy campaigning!