bostondotcom writer @SaraMorrison defines @MBTA service levels better than anyone

Nature abhors a vacuum. Right now, @saramorrison a senior writer at, has filled that vacuum with two pithy back of the napkin modified MBTA maps.

Define thyself, or be defined by others.

GM Bev Scott has made few public statements since quitting last Wednesday – she’s on the job till April 11th. Late today she made news via a conference call and stated that it might take up to 30 days to get the system back up and running.

MBTA: “non-union members need not apply”

Update: T also using inmates.

If there was ever a metaphor for what is wrong with the T, this is it.

The MBTA is looking for union members only to shovel out the Red Line from Braintree to JFK.

The irony is Onion-like.

Universal Hub:

“Updated: Not just anybody can show up to shovel out the Red Line.

The MBTA is working with local unions to get lots of people working to shovel out the Braintree branch of the Red Line tomorrow.

The T contact the Boston Building Trades and the SEIU.”

Best of #masen Awards #mapoli with @MrWillRitter @NilssonCarl @AndrewZucker @danwinslow

Absentee ballot requests down 21% compared to 2010 #masen special #mapoli

Secretary of State Bill Galvin announced today that requests for absentee ballots are down 21% (49,748 down from 63,610) from this time in 2010 before the Scott Brown, Martha Coakley and least we forget Joseph L. Kennedy race.

The 2010 race broke this way.

Brown: 1,168,178 51.8%
Coakley: 1,060,861 47.1%
Kennedy: 22,388 1%
Others and blanks: 2,300
Total less blanks: 2,251,427 (used to calculated vote percentages)
Total votes cast: 2,253,727

If we extrapolate Galvin’s dip in absentee requests to the total voter turnout we see 473,282 fewer voters in the 2013 special for a total voter turnout of 1,780,445.

The 2013 Warren v. Brown race drew 3,184,196.

Galvin said: “With many people focused on the Bruins playing in the Stanley Cup final, the (Whitey) Bulger trial, and the end of the school year, the special election has a lot of competition for attention.”

The biggest of these factors could be the “end of the school year, anyone with children is crazy busy with field days, fields trips, graduations and volunteer appreciation luncheons. Will that keep Obama soccer moms home or suburban Escalades from the voting booth? You tell me.

Hey and don’t forget this great weather were having too!

Tea Party activist @LloydMarcus in #Boston to make TV spot in support of @mikesullivanma #masen #mapoli

Update: This is not an April Fools Joke (as far as I know).

Ed Markey has got Tom Steyer and his bi-planes, Mike Sullivan has got Lloyd Marcus and the Tea Party.

Its a US Senate special election, everyone come on down!

According to his latest blog post Marcus is seeking Mike Sullivan supporters to be in a TV spot Tuesday afternoon funded by the Conservative Campaign Committee.

Here is a slice of Mr. Marcus from his Saturday blog post:

Dear Patriots From Lloyd Marcus

I am in a hotel room in Boston. My team, Conservative Campaign Committee, is here filming a TV ad to help conservative candidate Michael Sullivan in Massachusetts.

I just returned from dinner. Checking my email and listening to a recap of the Rush Limbaugh radio show, I find myself fighting a deep sadness for my country. At every turn, it appears the Left is winning the battle for our culture, moving toward the end of America as we know it.

Consideration of God in cultural matters is deemed ignorant – laughable. Morality is now called intolerance. Remarkably, our kids are taught in elementary school that no sex is wrong and only sex which leads to pregnancy is unsafe. Sex Ed includes teaching kids to masturbate with mirrors to introduce them to sexuality. Government funded sexual indoctrination that no sex is wrong begins in kindergarten.

And a sample video from the Conservative Campaign Committee PAC which also owns the

Could short political videos be far behind? @danwinslow #mapoli #masen #youtube #vine #twitter

A mini-video is a new video style gaining popularity on the internet, especially with the growth of an iPhone app for creating quick video – six seconds maximum.

Why so short? Simple: as the volume of video consumption increases, the total length of each clip must decline. So its no surprise that one of the candidates released today a 15 second video. is taking off with iPhone users, could short political videos be far behind?

Think of the advantages: lower production costs, instant distribution and a higher upload count should equate to an increase in sharing.